Trial Attorney Services On Complex Criminal And Civil Litigation 

 As a trial attorney I focus my practice on complex criminal and civil litigation in both federal and state court. Clients call me to represent them in compliance matters, government investigations, and whistle-blower actions.

Because I care about justice and fairness, when clients call I respond. There is usually an emergency that requires skill, care, and careful judgment.  My job is to make my clients’ worries, my worries.  My clients’ often look to me as family and not just a lawyer.  That is the kind of relationship I develop with my client because it makes me more effective dealing with my clients case.

My colleagues know they can refer me the most difficult clients because I will handle them with great care and personal attention.

Below are a few examples of matters I handle:

  • Represented a doctor under criminal investigation for receipt of kickbacks. The Government decided not to prosecute after several meetings and a presentation.
  • Represented large company in the financial industry’s sector in civil action against employee that embezzled millions of dollars in business opportunities.
  • Won and collected a multi-million dollar judgment on behalf of the company.
  • Represented client that was the victim of a scheme to defraud by vendors and former employees.
  • Representation included conducting an internal investigation, making a comprehensive presentation to the government, and providing evidence that ultimately forced the guilty plea of six individuals.
  • Additionally, represented the victim throughout the sentencing process and at a restitution hearing securing a $7 million restitution, which was ultimately collected.
  • Represented the owners of a pharmacy in a government investigation that was closed.
  • Represented an individual accused and convicted of fraud and grand theft through an appeal where the conviction was reversed and the charges reduced to a misdemeanor.
  • Represented the owner of a hospital in a Medicare fraud trial.
  • Represented hospital in response to a HIPAA breach that was a result of employee data theft. This involved: providing guidance during the investigative phase, including working with local law enforcement; reviewing findings to assist client in determining if breach occurred; and assisting with providing notice to the patients.


I represent doctors, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, pharmacies, and other health care providers, during government investigations and defend them in qui tam (whistle-blower) actions. I also regularly counsel companies from a variety of industries on the adoption and operation of their compliance programs and related due diligence issues.

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