About Two Telemedicine Companies

Yesterday, prosecutors in New Jersey unsealed an Indictment against a husband and wife owned two telemedicine companies. The Indictment alleges a $56 million fraud. Prosecutors claim that Reinaldo and Jean Wilson orchestrated a national kickback scheme involving unnecessary prescriptions for orthotic braces that were submitted to Medicare for reimbursement.

The Indictment alleges that the Wilsons solicited and received bribes from patient recruiters and pharmacies for patient referrals. Wilsons companies – Advantage Choice Care LLC and Tele Medcare LLC – hired doctors to order the braces.

The Indictment can be found here.

This Indictment comes on the heels of Operation Brace Yourself. That prosecution involved an investigation and prosecution of an alleged $1.2 billion telehealth scheme that involved similar allegations, but charged doctors and business executives of Durable Medical Equipment companies, among others.

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